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    The grades for the examinations that have been cancelled were not accepted as is. The grades were put through a computer algorithm instead of teachers where they considered not only the child’s predicted grades but also the historical grades of the child’s school are area. This could cause drastic changes in grades where most are…


    Ofqual has announced that they will provide a choice on which students will be examined for the GCSE history, ancient history and English lit subjects. They will also remove the requirement for schools to declare the number of hours students have spent in fieldwork in relevant subjects.  Similar changes will be made for GCSE, AS,…

  • IGCSE exams to be canceled

    CAIE has announced that all exams this year for May/June has been canceled in all countries. The years marks will be set based on internal marks, mock exams, predicted grades and the grades that your teacher expects you to get. Source: https://bit.ly/3beNjua

  • UK to cancel both GCSE and AS/A level exams

    Prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that the GCSE and A-levels in the UK are to be postponed due to lockdown forced by coronavirus. There have been no reports about moving the IGCSE exams from either Boris or Cambridge. Source: https://bit.ly/3dbfiNe

  • Exams to be moved, but only in Pakistan

    Exams, only in Pakistan, are being moved to between June 1- July 15 with the october-november test being designed to run a full exams series . The exact timetable to be announced. This announcement is not to be clubbed with other countries as all other exams will be conducted  according to the original schedule Source: https://bit.ly/2IS5xWn